Merry Christmas 2018!

What we Expect in Meat...

Battle yield at the young bull
Weight approx. 500 kg, loss approx. 45% - 275 kg on the hook

Bow (shoulder) 13% 35 kg
Comb (neck) 9% 25 kg
Abnormal rib 10% 27 kg
Back 8% 22 kg
(Roast beef ribeye t-bone Entrecote Cutlet Porterhouse ribs Tomahawk ox loin)
Filet 2% 5 kg
Club 27% 74 kg
(Chateau piece Tafelspitz Huftsteak)
Front leg (leg) 3% 8 kg
Breast 6% 16 kg
Tension rib 5% 14 kg
Backleg ( leg) 4% 11 kg

Deviations may occur here. 
We also offer high quality minced meat.

Here we inform you about current affairs with our Galloway cattle!

Since 8. 12. about 23:00  they are with us!

Lengey, Yeidi ... two bulls,

Milka, Berta, Elise and Marilyn ... four pretty young women.

They come officially from Alsfeld, Germany, introduced with the best possible pedigree papers.

Our Galloways!

They have already settled, are very quiet, even very trusting and happy about the fantastic food that we offer. In addition to the existing grass we feed alfalfa, German LUCERNE. The bulls are separated from the female Galloways, thus no breeding is possible in the next 12 months.

Our cattle are 8-10 months old and are now only still thrive for a year until they are approved for further breeding.

See the pics, we're sure You'll enjoy!


The end of January, we were allowed to visit the Rinderfleischtag in Alsfeld. A very exciting event for us with important information, interesting topics, nice people, great animals. We could see how the animals are prepared, we were allowed to attend the licensing, the animal show and auction was also highly impressive. For us novices was particularly interesting the variety of races: inter alia, Limousin, Charolais, Angus, Hereford, Uckermärker, Simmental and of course Galloway. Finally, we have now also a member of the German Galloway Breeders Association. Also, we were once again confirmed at this event that we have chosen the right race for us.



Our Girls meet their Bull!!!

After one year and one month we put together our wonderful bull to his girls, moments full of interests under observation of the breeder Susi. We're looking forward what will happen in the next days and we'll report about.