What's Galloway - Mas Armengol?


A catalonian Finca, a Masia, a farm with 24 hectares of forest and land that can be used for agricultural purposes and should be.

After just completed forestry processing incurred a lot more large pastures.

Mas Armengol provides the basis for our family with our dog pension Canes Resort. We deal already long with the cultivation of fruits and organic vegetables.

But how can we biologically valuable use the land, ecologically sensible? Which animals can we settle on our land, which give us pleasure, which we can provide a happy life, which also offer the opportunity to successful marketing.

All these demands are given with the Galloway cattle, a traditional, hornless cattle originating in Scotland. The Galloway lives in nature, is very frugal, enjoys lush green meadows and can be kept easily under all weather conditions. The Galloway has a pronounced friendly character and develops a relationship with the people.


Our plan is to create a young Galloway Herd, this build in peace, to first create for our own use the excellent „Galloway Enjoy Meat“ and over a longer period to increase the breed, to provide promptly our customers the option of the meat purchase ,

Our first up is the respectful treatment of the animals and the achievement of the highest quality.


Let's have the adventure Galloway together!


Susanne & Dieter

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